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  • LED Ring Light HD-18S Bi-Color

    28.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Product Highlights 360° Light Source Fits Around Lens 19″ Diameter Soft, Even Quality of Light Color Temperature: 3200-5600K 0-100% Dimming, CRI 96 252 Surface-Mounted LEDs 180° Rotating Yoke AC Adapter Carry Case + Mobile clamp + Round Mirror ( 2sides ) The HD-18S offers color temperature that’s variable from 3200 to 5600 and anywhere in …

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  • LED Shot Box

    27.000 .د.ب39.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    LED550/LED770 Shooting Box Free lighting: novice can also shoot professional images High brightness, uniform light: all-dimensional three-dimensional light effect NO flicker: can shoot with mobile phone, card machine, SLR Small space occupied: easy storage Safe voltage: more sucure, no worries Zero cost maintenance: anti-wrinkle,long life Model                    …

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  • EF-P11 RGB LED Pocket Light

    23.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    ▶19 light effect
    ▶HSI Mode & CT Mode
    ▶2700-10000K wide olor temperature
    ▶Brightneess Stepless Dimming Rang 0-100%
    ▶Compact And Portable,On Location Shooting

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  • COB LED Video Light MARS M200D/M200Bi

    67.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    -215W Power

    -CRI & TLCI ≥ 96

    -M-200Bi (3200-5600K)

    -M-200D (5600K)

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  • Aputure Light Storm LS-mini20c Bi-Color LED Light

    65.000 .د.ب VAT Inc
    Key Features
    • 20 to 60-Degree Spot to Flood
    • 3200 to 6500K Color Temperature
    • 4-Way Barndoors, AC Adapter
    • 18 dB Fan, Built-In Handle
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  • EF-LED Spot Snoot

    23.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    EF-LED Spot Snoot 1.Φ115 Diameters Professional Fresnel Lens Produces Stage Focusing Effect.Create Stage Spotlight Effect with Jinbei EF Video Light. 2.10~40° Wide Lens Zoom, 7-Stops with Push-Pull Lock Fast Focusing. Adjustment with Nature Halo Transit. 3.Test:1 Meter Test Distance Jinbei EF-200 LED Video Light Showed 7850lx Initially Apply EF-LED Spot Snoot on EF-200V, it Showed …

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  • COB LED Video Light Lophoto LP-300/LP-300Bi

    183.000 .د.ب195.000 .د.ب VAT Inc
    • 300W Power
    • 21000 Lux @1m naked lamp
    • LP-300 (5600K) / LP-300Bi (2700-5600K) Color Temperature
    • CRI ≥ 97
    • 12-16 Light Effects
    • Multi Power Supply AC/DC
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  • EL-300Bi LED Video Light

    262.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    HIGH LIGHT OUTPUT AND QUALITY FOR VIDEOGRAPHERS The EL-300Bi offers next to the strong performance also high light quality for videographers with a color rendering index (CRI) greater than 96, and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of over 98. But the light output of the device is also impressive. The EL-300Bi has more than …

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  • EF-300Bi LED Video Light

    341.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    ▶︎ 300 watt bi-color LED permanent light
    ▶︎ Constant, powerful LED permanent light with DMX connections
    ▶︎ Color temperature adjustable between 2,700 K and 6,500 K
    ▶︎ 16 light effects, operation via app or separate remote control (not included)
    ▶︎ Optional power supply via battery (not included)

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  • EFII-300 LED Video Light

    306.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    EFII-300 LED light
    ▶5 light effect
    ▶AC/DC USE
    ▶300W LED lamp
    ▶Ultra silent fan
    ▶0~100% adjustment

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  • EF-160Bi LED Video Light

    148.500 .د.ب VAT Inc
  • EF-220Bi LED Video Light

    192.000 .د.ب VAT Inc
  • EF-220 LED Video Light

    161.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    EF-220 LED Video Light

    ▶Lux >88000Lux
    ▶220W Large Power
    ▶One Light Multi-use Fits for Different Using Scene
    ▶Built-in 9 light effect
    ▶Truly Restore Colors and Details
    ▶Large Power Round COB Craft LED Lighting
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  • EF-150PRO LED Video Light

    125.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    EF-150PRO LED light

    ▶9 light effect
    ▶Ultra silent fan
    ▶High efficient cooling
    ▶Constant Colour Temperatrue
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  • COB LED Video Light LV-3000B

    178.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Item Name :NiceFoto LED video light Model: LV-3000B Product Features: High power 300w output 5600 ± 200K daylight CCT Support 2.4G detached panel control remote Super power and full spectrum,similar to the sunlight 5 kinds of scene light : fireworks,TV,Lightning,explosion flash,camera flash CRI: =96, TLCI: =96 16 Channels A/B/C/D/E 5 groups LCD display with backlight …

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