EL-300Bi LED Video Light

262.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

The EL-300Bi offers next to the strong performance also high light quality for videographers with a color rendering index (CRI) greater than 96, and a TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of over 98.

But the light output of the device is also impressive. The EL-300Bi has more than 45,000 lux at 0.5 meters without reflector. Light setups can be in 32 channels and 16 groups be divided, which facilitates the preparation of shootings. In addition, the device with theRemote control EF-RC operable. The active fans , which has three different settings, cools the light during operation low noise with less than 30 decibels at 30 centimeters.

thanks to the apartment , Android:Studio; iOS:Jinbei, can the EL-300Bi LED permanent light For example, it can also be mounted on the ceiling and controlled from the floor.

A large selection of light shapers is thanks Bowen’s S-Type bayonet usable what maximum compatibility promises.


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