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  • Auto-pole support QH-B038

    84.000 .د.ب VAT Inc
  • Background Clamp

    1.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    B-11 Background Clamp : Background clamp (Φ13-38) B-12 Background Clamp with spigot : Powerful Spring Clamp with Rubber Protection For Mounting Monolights, Softboxes, Cameras, Umbrella Holder and other Light Modifier Quick and Easy Set-up Comes with 5/8″ Spigot- and 1/4″ Thread Jaw Opens from 0mm to 30mm Size 11cm x 8cm Weight 160g Material: Metal …

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  • Background Stand JB12-3200FPG

    47.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    JB12-3200FPG Background Stand Aluminum alloy material, 2 light stands, and 4 rails. Professional air-cushion stand, safer and slow down impulsion when adjusting the height Suitable for shooting with all background effect oxford storage bag, easy to carry Not including background paper and cloth  

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  • Background Stand Kit 3x3m

    27.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Packing list: 2pcs light stand + 1pc adjustable telescopic cross bar + 1pc carry bag together in one package Tripod

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  • Big Size LED Light Tent

    63.500 .د.ب80.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Features:   1. The light box utilizes a specially woven and heat resistant silver reflector, which delivers uniform illumination while eliminating harsh shadows and reflective glare. 2. Three color background boards provide super white, dark or soft light reflection and create an infinite field of depth. 3. Tow shooting holes allow you to shoot in …

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  • C Clamps

    3.000 .د.ب8.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    CB-02 / CB-05 Clamp with hook quick and easy installation For Mounting on Light Stands or Autopols For Pipes with a Diameter up to 4 cm With Background Hook for Mount This is a background holder hook that will support one background crossbars -each hook -when mounted onto AutoPoles or pipes.   CB-01 C-Clamp with …

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  • LED Shot Box

    27.000 .د.ب39.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    LED550/LED770 Shooting Box Free lighting: novice can also shoot professional images High brightness, uniform light: all-dimensional three-dimensional light effect NO flicker: can shoot with mobile phone, card machine, SLR Small space occupied: easy storage Safe voltage: more sucure, no worries Zero cost maintenance: anti-wrinkle,long life Model                    …

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  • PVC Background Kit

    39.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    PVC Background -Professional PVC Background Board9 colors for option -New type PVC background board, pure color -Waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-wrinkle, wear-resistant Kit Include : 9 Colors 100x200cm PVC Background 1 T-90x200cm PVC background Stand with 2 Clamps   

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  • QH-Y100 Photographic Table

    140.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    QH-Y100 Photographic Table

    -Max bearing weight is 5-10KG
    -Semitransparent dull polish panel, uniform light effectThe light can go through the milk white table and -increase third dimension
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  • Savage Seamless Paper Backdrops 2.72x11M

    30.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Savage Seamless Paper is a high-quality, non-reflecting paper background with an exquisite, fine-tooth feel that belies its inexpensive price tag.

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  • Seamless Paper Backdrop 2.08x11M

    20.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    JassamPhoto Seamless Paper Backdrop 2.08x11M = 20BD خلفيات ورق جسام فوتو  ، خلفيات تصوير ورق سلسة غير عاكسة للضوء  . الخلفية بحجم 2.08 متر عرض و 11 متر طول مطوية على بايب ورق مقوى ومغلفة بكيس بلاستيك للحماية خلال التخزين والتنقل . مناسبة للتصوير الخارجي والتنقل ، والأستوديوهات الصغيرة . Highlights 2.08m wide x 11m …

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  • Seamless Paper Backdrop 2.72x11M

    24.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    JassamPhoto Seamless Paper Backdrop 2.72x11M = 24BD خلفيات ورق جسام فوتو  ، خلفيات تصوير ورق سلسة غير عاكسة للضوء ، اكثر من 30 لون للاختيار . الخلفية بحجم 2.72 متر عرض و 11 متر طول مطوية على بايب ورق مقوى ومغلفة بكيس بلاستيك للحماية خلال التخزين والتنقل . مناسبة للاستوديوهات مع حوامل الخلفيات التقليدية أو …

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  • Universal Use Clamp (M11-060)

    6.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    JB11-060 Clamp Can be used for battery flash head, single head, and small studio flash Clamping direction supports horizontal and vertical direction, can well adapt to different occasions The lamp holder can be fixed on the light stand, can hold some photographic accessories, such as small reflector Built-in 3/8 screw hole can be equipped with …

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