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  • HD-2pro Speedlite

    150.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    HD-2pro Speedlite

    -Power 80Ws
    -FuLL Power Recycling Time 1.2s
    -Color Temperature 5500K±200K
    -Multi Brands Compatible with Integrated Hotshoe
    -2.8″ Touch Screen
    -Flash Duration 1/800-1/10000s
    -Startup Mistouch Prevention
    -Sleep Mode for Energy Saving
    -3W COB LED Modeling Lamp
    -Magnetic Mount for Accessories
    -300 Full Power Flashes Battery Capacity
    -Master/Slave Flexible Switch. Compatible with TR-Q7/Q6/V6 Transmitters
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  • HD-200pro Battery Flash

    154.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    HD-200pro Battery Monolight

    -HD-200pro Battery Monolight
    -Color Temperature 5500K±200K
    -FuLL Power Recycling Time 1.3s
    -HSS up to 1/8000s
    -5W COB LED Modeling Lamp
    -Compatible with TR-Q7/Q6 Transmitters
    -450 Full Power Flashes Battery Capacity
    -215mm x ø80mm. 1.16kg(inc. Battery)
    -Various Light Shapes with HD-200pro Accessories
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  • HD-610 Pro TTL Battery Monolight

    342.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    HD-610 TTL PRO

    -The Dual Use Battery Monolight supporting HSS at 1.0~9.0 Whole Power Output Range. 0.9s Recycling Time, Battery Capacity > 360 Times Flash, TTL,
    -20 Frames per second Continuous Shooting, 25W LED Modeling Lamp, Built-in 2.4GHz Wireless System with CH / GR Individually Control
    -Perfect for Location Shooting, i.e. Wedding, Portrait, Sports.
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  • HD-400 Pro Battery-Powered Monolight

    225.000 .د.ب VAT Inc
    -High-speed Sync up to 1/8000s; 450 times Full Power Flashes400Ws Output, 0.9s full power recycling time
    -9 F-stop for 1.0& 0.1 flash power variation
    -Up to 1/20000 Flash Duration (t 0.5) to freeze imageSupport 20 Frames per Second High-Speed Continuous Shooting
    -Built-in wireless receiver with Channel and Group, recommend for TR-Q6 transmitter
    -Compatible with Canon/Nikon/Sony/Fuji TTL&HSS
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  • CALER 600C TTL Speedlite

    55.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    600C/N TTL Speedlite -Compatible with Canon/Nikon E-TTL II, E-TTL, TTL -1/8000s HSS & GN60 (ISO 100/M) -2.4GHz Wireless Remote Control -Linked Shooting with Radio Transmission -White Balance Optimization -Infra Red AF-assist Beam no Stimulation -Flexible Switch Between Master and Slave Mode

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  • DC II-600 Battery Flash Kit

    210.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    DC Series Battery Pack -600Ws/1200Ws Power Output -Two Outlets 2:1 Ratio Mode -LED Modeling Lamp -1/1~1/16 Precise Power Output -6000mAh Lithium Battery Supporting -Built-in 2.4GHz Wireless Receiver

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