LED Shot Box

27.000 .د.ب39.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

LED550/LED770 Shooting Box

  • Free lighting: novice can also shoot professional images
  • High brightness, uniform light: all-dimensional three-dimensional light effect
  • NO flicker: can shoot with mobile phone, card machine, SLR
  • Small space occupied: easy storage
  • Safe voltage: more sucure, no worries
  • Zero cost maintenance: anti-wrinkle,long life

Model                      40×40cm    50×50cm      60×60cm      70×70cm
Bead Quantity(pcs)    120              120                  150                 150
Power(W)                      50                50                   65                    65
Color Temperature(K) 5400        5400              5400                5400


LED550, LED770


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