Seamless Paper Backdrop 2.72x11M

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JassamPhoto Seamless Paper Backdrop 2.72x11M = 24BD

خلفيات ورق جسام فوتو  ، خلفيات تصوير ورق سلسة غير عاكسة للضوء ، اكثر من 30 لون للاختيار . الخلفية بحجم 2.72 متر عرض و 11 متر طول مطوية على بايب ورق مقوى ومغلفة بكيس بلاستيك للحماية خلال التخزين والتنقل . مناسبة للاستوديوهات مع حوامل الخلفيات التقليدية أو الستاندات الجدارية المانوال والكهرباء .


  • 2.72m wide x 11m long
  • Non-reflective surface
  • Even and Smooth background paper
  • Acid-free material
  • Paper thickness: 7.6 millimeters
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Wrapped in a plastic sleeve


JassamPhoto Seamless background papers are photography backdrops make of solid colors. The background provide for even lighting in photoshoots in among other setups as events, product shoots, and theater sets. An assortment of colors that are grouped into either vivid colors, pastel colors or neutral colors. It is non-reflective thereby giving very fine results. The paper is wrinkle and crease-resistant to ensure that you will have a smooth and seamless background in your photos. In a studio, photographers can use a wall/ceiling background support system (manual and electric) to hold more than one seamless paper or use a background stand to mount the paper. The paper is wrapped around a cardboard core of a diameter of 5.39 cm and covered by a plastic sleeve to protect it from any damage while in transit as well as in storage. For full body shots that necessitate the rolling out of the paper to the floor, make use of tape as well as clamps to secure the backdrop. This roll is 2.72 m wide and 11 m long.


  1. Store the paper vertically when not in use to prevent or reduce instances of warping and any other damage.
  2. This photography paper is acid-free, hence, 100% recyclable.
  3. colors may differs from reality due to your screen color calibration .

Sizing Guide :

2.72m Wide (approximately 9ft)

This wide backdrop is ideal for full body model portraits and small groups. Take advantage of 11m of paper length to sweep out or re-use many times over. Available in 30+ colors.

2.08m Wide (approximately 7ft)

This midsize option is great for shooting full body portraits in small studio spaces, or for traveling photographers. Available in few colors – Check the catalog -.


How many times can it be used?


It depends on how well you treat the paper. If you take care of it and store it properly, it can be used numerous times. The roll should be long enough that even if you dirty up or rip a section, you can cut that part off and continue using the roll.


بداخل الكرتون:
رول خلفية ورق مغلفة بكيس بلاستيك


Alpine #55, Apple #63, Arctic White #93, Aspen #50, Beige #25, Blue Lake #61, Bright Orange #39, Carnation Pink #17, Coco Brown #20, Deep Blue #01, Deep Green #12, Deep Purple #68, Eco Bright White #69, Fawn #64, Flame #27, Forsythia Yellow #14, Ivorinee #33, Jet Black #44, Leaf #10, Lite Blue #59, Mardi Gras #49, Marine Blue #41, Morning Mist #42, Nassau #06, Netural Grey #04, Nutmeg #67, Pongee #26, Pursuit Grey #21, Scarlet #56, Sky Blue #02, Slate Grey #58, Snow #28, Stinger #54, Thistle #29, Thunder Grey #57, Tropical Green #13, Ultra Black #45, Wheat #66, Yellow Orange #35


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