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  • Background Clamp

    1.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    B-11 Background Clamp : Background clamp (Φ13-38) B-12 Background Clamp with spigot : Powerful Spring Clamp with Rubber Protection For Mounting Monolights, Softboxes, Cameras, Umbrella Holder and other Light Modifier Quick and Easy Set-up Comes with 5/8″ Spigot- and 1/4″ Thread Jaw Opens from 0mm to 30mm Size 11cm x 8cm Weight 160g Material: Metal …

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  • Sand Bag

    3.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Balance Sandbag Double seal inside to prevent sand falling out Can be filled with different shape of counter weight

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  • Flash Holder

    2.500 .د.ب3.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Model:FLH-B Made of Aluminum & plastic, with a screw to fix the speedlite. Model:FLH-H Made of POM, firm & durable, With 1/4″-3/8″ adapter, and umbrella hole. Hot shoe is rotatable.   Model:FLH-05

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  • Parchment Paper

    2.500 .د.ب22.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Parchment Paper
    -Imported high quality material
    -Soft light effect
    -Waterproof, anti-wrinkle, high-temperature resistant Durable

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  • Cleaning Kit KT-506

    2.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    cleaning kit provides all the tools you need to maintain your precious photography equipment.This brand new, high quality cleaning kit includes Air Blower, Cleaning Solution, Lens Brush, Dry Wet Wipes, Microfiber Cloth and Cotton Swabs.Safe for use on all sensitive optical surfaces including lens and LCD screens. Not designed to clean camera sensors. Specifications: Brand: …

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  • EF-LED Spot Snoot

    23.500 .د.ب VAT Inc

    EF-LED Spot Snoot 1.Φ115 Diameters Professional Fresnel Lens Produces Stage Focusing Effect.Create Stage Spotlight Effect with Jinbei EF Video Light. 2.10~40° Wide Lens Zoom, 7-Stops with Push-Pull Lock Fast Focusing. Adjustment with Nature Halo Transit. 3.Test:1 Meter Test Distance Jinbei EF-200 LED Video Light Showed 7850lx Initially Apply EF-LED Spot Snoot on EF-200V, it Showed …

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  • Snoot Color filter kits SN-21

    Original price was: 2.500 .د.ب.Current price is: 1.000 .د.ب. VAT Inc
  • Power Bank PK-H101

    Original price was: 10.500 .د.ب.Current price is: 2.000 .د.ب. VAT Inc
  • Caster Kit (M11-036)

    20.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    ∅22/25 MM Caster Kit Firm & Stable Match with Standard Light Stand without Casters Easy to Use & Convenient for Carrying Out Protect Flash Light During Frequent Moving

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  • 4in1 Bulb Holder

    Original price was: 4.500 .د.ب.Current price is: 2.500 .د.ب. VAT Inc
  • JB11-095B Super Pipe Clamp

    16.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    The Jinbei JB11-095B Pipe Super Clamp can attach a LED light or studio flash onto poles. It is versatile enough for circle tube or square tube which is between 20mm and 90mm. A durable photo clamp that can support up to 20kg.   Article no: 3.13.011304 Maximum Load: 20kg Dimensions (L x W x H) …

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  • Jinbei CK-90 Centre Stand Stem

    20.000 .د.ب VAT Inc

    Jinbei CK-90 centre stand stem The Jinbei CK-90 centre stand stem is the centre column of a C-stand. Made entirely of metal with a comfortable non-slip handle. The tube is adjustable in length from 72.5 to 144 centimetres. With the robust metal knobs you can securely fix the column at any length. The CK-90 is …

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  • HD-610 Pro Case Bag

    15.000 .د.ب VAT Inc
  • HD-610/HD-601 charger

    12.000 .د.ب VAT Inc