Jinbei CK-90 Centre Stand Stem

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Jinbei CK-90 centre stand stem

The Jinbei CK-90 centre stand stem is the centre column of a C-stand. Made entirely of metal with a comfortable non-slip handle. The tube is adjustable in length from 72.5 to 144 centimetres. With the robust metal knobs you can securely fix the column at any length. The CK-90 is equipped with a standard 16mm spigot connection. This centre column is ideal if you already have the legs of a C-stand, such as the Jinbei CK-1. With this expansion, it will then become a full CK-90 C stand.

Main features of the Jinbei CK-90 centre stand stem:

  • Middle column of a C-stand
  • Comfortable and non-slip handle
  • Working height: 72.5-144cm
  • Load capacity: 20kg
  • 16mm spigot
  • You need a C-stand base with legs


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