DP-Φ6 Focusing Snoot

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DP-Φ6 Focusing Snoot

-One Step for Shaping and Coloring
-Optical Zoom Light and Shadow, Virtual or Real
-Bowens Mount
-8 Modeling Pieces
-Various Light Effects

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Jinbei DP-Ø6 Focusing Snoot

The Jinbei DP-Ø6 Focusing Snoot is a light shaper that now allows you to be even more creative in your studio photography. Here’s how it works: simply attach the snoot to your studio flash/continuous light, then attach one of the included templates or colour foils, and use your device as usual. With the shadows created by the foils, it looks like your model is under a window, causing some rays of the setting sun to fall. But it not only comes with a window template, but also many other interesting patterns and colours.

In addition, the snoot has a lens (150 mm) that allows you to focus the effects. Thanks to the Bowens connection (S-Type), the snoot is of course compatible with all Jinbei flashes.

Features of the Jinbei DP-Ø6 Focusing Snoot

  • Snoot with different lighting effects (shapes and colours)
  • Light effects can be focused with the 150 mm lens
  • Bowens S-type connector for maximum compatibility
  • Diameter: 170 mm (snoot) / 69 mm (lens)
  • Length: 27 – 33.5 cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Weight: 1.4 kg

In the Box

  • Jinbei DP-Ø6 Focusing Snoot
  • 150 mm lens
  • Lens bag
  • 8 x Light Effect Template
  • 1 x Cardholder
  • 5 x Coloured Foil (red, orange, yellow, green, blue)
  • 1x Foil Holder


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