HD-60 Umbrella Octagonal Softbox for HD200PRO

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Jinbei HD-60 60cm Umbrella Octagonal Softbox for HD200PRO

Jinbei’s HD-60 60cm Octagonal Softbox fits directly onto your HD-200PRO flashlight (sold separately). Note, this softbox will not fit on other models of light. It does not have a Bowens mount like most Jinbei flash models.

The foldable softbox features a quick open mechanism, is silver inside for harder light and has a front scrim and second inner scrim for softening your light.  It can pack down to only 47cms, making it compact and easy to carry onto your location shoot.


HD-60 Umbrella Octabox 60 cm, external diffuser, inner diffuser, reflector plate, carry bag.


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