DE-250 Studio Flash with DE-50x70cm Softbox

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The JINBEI DE-250 studio flash is an updated version of the 250W DII series with the JINBEI D-series mount. The new model has received small improvements: a more compact and stronger body, a 5W LED lamp for modeling light. Like all studio illuminators, it has a color temperature of 5600K. The DE-250 is designed for amateur home studio shooting, but combines high reliability with the most simple operation. All flash controls are located on the back of the case. The flash power is adjusted using the control wheel in the range from 1/1 to 1/32, the maximum flash power for this model is 250 J.

Thanks to the new technologies used in the DE-250, the monoblock is able to quickly recharge even at maximum power in 1.3 seconds. Despite its low cost, the device has a stable color temperature. Given its miniature size, this model is perfect for outdoor photography.

Studio accessories with a diameter of 95 mm are used with this type of flash. For this bayonet mount, there are special reflectors, curtains with color filters, softboxes, JINBEI D-series octoboxes.

You can start the flash – with a light pulse (light trap), which can be turned off. Sync cable or radio synchronizer. To synchronize on the second pulse, you need to connect an external synchronizer (for example, JINBEI TR-A3 models).

Technical characteristics of racks:
Stand JINBEI EQ-200 three-stage
pipe diameters 17-19-22 mm
standard 5/8″ adapter for mounting studio equipment with 1/4″ thread
maximum load – 3 kg
weight – 1.2 kg
Technical characteristics of a monoblock:
Power: 250 J
Guide number: 50
Recycle time: 0.5~1.3s
Adjustment: from 1/1 to 1/32
Ready LED: yes
Pulse length at full power t=0.5: 1/2000 ~ 1/800 s
Color temperature: 5600°K ± 200°K
Sawtooth lamp: 5W LED (3500K)
Working voltage: AC 220V
Weight: 0.8 kg


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