Globe Softbox L-Φ65II

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  • Close to 360° wide angle light Coverage
  • Soft Light Effect & Standard Color Temperature
  • S-type / Bowens mount for various accessories
  • Easy to set up and close

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This sphere softbox from NiceFoto is a newly designed lighting modifier for photographers and filmmakers alike. It gives out omni-directional light that can light up a room, architecture, or commercial set with a soft light that is less directional but very even.


  • 1. Adapt white clothes materials to make light more tranlucidus and brightness
  • 2. S-type/Bowens mount  for various accessories
  • 4. Convenient set up and package free
  • 5. Works NiceFoto LED video light to shooting or record the video

Package Listing:

  • 1x Softbox
  • 1x Carry Bag
  • 1x Support Rods
  • 2x leafs

The push down to clip design constitutes a super smart assemble and release system that makes it much easier and less time-consuming to assemble the softbox.  What’s more, the changeable speedring expands the capabilities for a wide range of studio flash of different brands, even speedlites. The inner speedring (144mm type) can be changed very easily by removing the screws.



1. Put the stick vertically into the circular base in the middle.
2. Pick up the soft cloth.
3. Press and hold the adapter ring with your palm and press down.
4. The fixed hook at the bottom of the support frame is in the middle support rod positioning groove.
5. Use your fingers to push the inner pole of the soft cloth so that it is aligned with the vertical line on the soft cloth.
6. Buckle all the magic buckles on the back of the softbox.





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